I have been studying with Caroline since 2006.  Over the years, she has helped me in all areas of my voice, and during that time my range and control have grown.  Caroline is wonderful at helping me to “act” the song-whether it is musical theater, jazz, classical, or pop.  I know that the success that I have had at auditions, competitions, and performing on stage are a result of working with Caroline over the years. She has inspired me to work hard and believe in myself!

-Hayley VerValin

Credits include : “Tracy Turnblad” Hairspray(Cocoa Village Playhouse) , “Rosie Jones”  Build Me Up Buttercup(Cocoa Village Playhouse),”Natalie Haller” All Shook UP (Viera High), “Winnifred” Once upon A Mattress(Viera High)”Ado Annie” Oklahoma(King Center Summer Fine Arts), etc..

Hayley has scored a superior rating at District thespian festival every year since 7th grade and has received “Best in Show” for Solo Musical Performance in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  She has been accepted to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, for a degree in Musial Theater.


My son, David has been taking voice lessons with Caroline for two and a half years. When he started with her, he wasn’t breathing properly, and she immediately helped him improve that. Also, as he continued to take lessons, I saw his confidence increase when he sang. Caroline has worked with David on preparing for All-State Chorus tryouts by studying musical theory and sight reading in addition to learning the required All-State songs. David made All-State Chorus last year as a seventh grader and again this year. Caroline has chosen many appropriate audition songs for David. Recently they have been working on the song “Her Voice” from The Little Mermaid. He sang this song at the district junior high drama competition and received Best of Show for the category Solo Musical. He also was voted Critic’s Choice by the Drama teachers after performing this song at the closing ceremonies. Recently he achieved “Best of Show” in the Florida Jr. Thesbian State Festival.

Needless to say, Caroline has helped David immensely.

David Ward


I sing in a band called SWIMM and started going to Caroline for voice lessons shortly after we recorded our first album. It is one thing to sing in a controlled environment like a studio, but another to try and translate that to a live setting. Caroline taught me all about technique, breathing, and ways to have a stronger voice. She maintains a very relaxed vibe while teaching but won’t let ya cut any corners. It shows she really does care about you improving. I have noticed a huge improvement in my singing and have figured out new ways to use my voice from her techniques. It has saved me a lot of stress on tour having the confidence that I have gained from her instruction.

-Chris Hess



Caroline Hinton goes far and beyond what is typically expected of a “voice instructor” in more than a number of ways. Since beginning lessons in July of 2011, I have seen more growth in myself than I have seen in my over 10 years of performing. From my first lesson with Caroline, I felt a noticeable change in the way I sang, from the way I approached a note, to breath support, and even with emoting the lyric. Caroline’s lessons help not only with my vocal range, but also with my overall confidence in performing and presenting a song. Caroline truly cares about each of her students, and gets to know them on a personal, individual basis and finds the appropriate warm-ups and techniques that will help make that student progress to their highest ability. She goes out of her way to help research audition material and show material to have you as prepared as you can be for any endeavor you may be embarking on. With Caroline’s help, I have had the opportunity to portray some of my favorite roles in theater  most notably with HAROLD BRIDE in Titanic: The Musical. I wouldn’t be anywhere near as close to my dreams as I am today without Caroline, who has not only become my right hand vocal instructor, but one of my dearest and most trustworthy friends. In my opinion, Caroline Hinton is the premiere Vocal Instructor in all of Central Florida. Caroline, you have blessed my life in more ways than you could ever know. I love you from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

– Jonathon Adler, Administrative Assistant, The Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse

I hate to sing. Or rather, I used to hate to sing. However, I found singing to be a necessary evil if I wanted to peruse a career in musical theater. Caroline was recommended to me by a fellow performer. Thanks to Caroline I have improved in my singing immensely and started receiving roles with large vocal parts and many callbacks. Most recently, I auditioned for and booked a paid performance of 9 to 5: The Musical. None of this would have been possible without Caroline’s patience, assistance and guidance.

Amanda Manis


I have been taking lessons with Caroline for four years. I went from being someone who really wanted to be able to sing and act to someone who is now fully confident as both a vocalist and an actress. I have found it to be something that’s helped me over all in different aspects of my life and personality. She gave me my own personal niche in the music world, things I didn’t know I had in me, and taught me what was unique about me. I grew immensely as a performer and as an individual through her teaching turned friendship. Caroline has now become much more to me than a voice teacher and because of her I’ve been granted things I’d only dreamt of such as lead roles, admission to AMDA, Florida State Thespian awards, and passing the FTC pre-screening auditions for professional consideration at SETC. Thus I have just landed my first professional full on equity musical theatre role in Miss Saigon as a company member and Kim’s understudy which would not have happened without her. She is firm in her talent, patience, generosity, and above all faith which shines incredibly.”

Alexandria Litras


Miss Caroline has been working with my daughter for the past 4 years. She is a talented and professional vocal coach and singer. The end of the year vocal recital is a great opportunity to hear the many different vocal ranges Caroline has to work with and gave us an opportunity to see great improvements with our daughter. Alex is entering high school this year and as a freshman auditioned for the American Musical Theater and was accepted in. We could not be more proud. Thank you Caroline you truly do work magic.

Maria Lalonde

“When I started taking lessons from Caroline, my only goal was to be able to sing and be comfortable doing it. At my very first lesson, I had to close my eyes because I was so nervous singing in front of anyone other than my wife and even that made me uncomfortable. However, Caroline was extremely helpful and encouraging. As she helped me learn the vocal tools and techniques I would need, my voice began to take shape and I became more confident. Caroline challenged me to look beyond my immediate goals and use my voice for something greater than myself. Interestingly enough, I had been feeling a prompting from God for many years and with Caroline’s help, nine months later I auditioned and was singing on stage as part of our church’s worship team. Thank you Caroline.”

Kevin VanderMollen


“I’ve been working with Ms. Caroline for 1 year. She helped me prepare for my audition for the Broadway Artist Alliance Summer Intensive Program in New York City and I MADE IT IN!! I’m so excited because I’ll be training with some of my favorite Broadway stars.”

Mikayla, (Broadway) Cocoa FL

“Throughout my two years of lessons, I have learned a lot about music and it has greatly improved my voice range. Every lesson is fun; I highly recommend taking voice lessons from Caroline.”

Rebecca, age 18. Merritt Island, FL (over 2 years of study). Style: Light Rock, Light Alternative.


“She taught me how to breathe right, how to control my voice and I probably wouldn’t have gone for Brevard Idol or my sister’s football game to sing the Star Spangled Banner. I like how much help I get with singing. A lot of people say that I sing a lot better now. Thank you Ms. Caroline.”

Shanna, age 11. Cocoa, FL (approximately 2 years of study). Style: Country.


“When I first started training with Caroline I was having a lot of trouble with hurting my vocal chords and I couldn’t support my high and low notes. She helped me solve these problems and proceeded to take my voice to a place I never thought that I could go. She has also been a great guide in the writing of my latest album “Earthshine”. Thanks Caroline!!”

Alex Jackson -age 36- Nomastalgic.com — Alternative Rock


“I enjoy Miss Caroline’s singing lessons very much. I have been taking lessons from her since I was five years old and have learned how to breathe and use my diaphragm to sing better. I love to perform, and Miss Caroline has taught me to be the best singer I can be. Love, Searra”

(received the role of “Annie” at the Cocoa Village Playhouse, 2009)

Searra, age 9. Rockledge, FL. Style: Pop, Broadway, some Country.



Thanks for being an inspiration to me and for helping me start my transition from opera and classical to pop.
You’re an amazing person, singer and voice instructor.

Ginnette Ward”



“I would like to thank Caroline for helping me to improve my singing skills.  I am a 15 year old Cocoa Beach High School student and am the vocalist for the rock band “Unusual Itch.”  We play in most of the local restaurants, hotels, bars, and local functions, fairs and parties.  She has taught me to breathe properly, to control my voice volume, to sing by opening my soft palate, and to hit my pitch.  My lessons with her are also lots of fun.  Everyone tells me how much my singing has improved including the guys in the band.  Thanks Caroline!”

-Sean from “Unusual Itch” rock band, Cocoa Beach


“…my daughter, Tiffany Dion, Won 1st Place in her school Talent Show for singing!!!


Suzanne Dion

“After a year of lessons from Miss Caroline, I have learned many things, especially how to use my voice without hurting myself when singing. She has taught me how to properly warm my voice up and control my vibrato better. This has all helped me to get lead roles in my drama club plays. Miss Caroline makes lessons fun and I look forward to continuing to learn from her.”

Keeley, Melbourne FL
Age 12