Online Voice Lessons

online voice lessons

How to do On-line Voice Lessons:

Hi! Welcome to on-line voice lessons… An easy and effective method of getting quality singing lessons in the privacy of your own home. Perfect for touring musicians, this method conveniently offers high-quality lessons for professionals on the go!

In order to do online voice lessons you will need the following:

1. An excellent Internet connection. To test if your internet connection will suffice, go to to run a free test on your connection. (Note: don’t buy anything, just click “begin test.”) Your “Ping” should be under 35, your “Download” speed 7+, and your “Upload” should be 2+. If that’s all within the acceptable ranges, we’re set for your first free trial lesson.
2. The computer that you’re using must have a functional microphone and camera.

3. The computer that you’re using for the lesson should be able to access your e-mail account, which is how you’ll join each lesson. You’ll join each lesson through your e-mail invite as a “guest.”
4. You will need your accompaniment-tracks/karaokes on an outside device from your computer (such as on your i-phone, i-pod, etc.). Plug your device into your own speaker (not the computer speaker) using an auxiliary cord.

Before each lesson you will be asked to e-mail the lyrics or sheet-music to the song you want to work on.
Using lyrics: Retrieve your lyrics (through google), paste them into Word, and then double space them, save them as a PDF, and e-mail them to me prior to our lesson.
Digitally Downloaded Sheet Music: If you’re using digital sheet music, save it PDF and e-mail it to me.
Paper Sheet Music: Scan it, save it PDF and e-mail it to me.

Other Notes:
Lessons are once per week and are one-on-one.

Payments are done through PayPal. Go to and click on the pay-pal button to pay your tuition.
If you’re not familiar with the lesson policy, payments and other considerations are noted in the “Lesson Policy” – please read the policy.
I’ll be in Brevard County every 4 to 6 weeks. I will notify each of you in advance about my visits, so that you can opt whether or not you would like to have a one-on-one lesson in Brevard County that week. There is no charge if you decide not to.
There will still be a recital once per year, for those of you who are in Brevard County, Florida.
Note that lessons are scheduled Eastern Standard Time.

Call or e-mail to schedule your free trial lesson!
Thanks’! -Caroline Hinton
(321) 750-2702