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CSR, for its part, is a business strategy that may involve philanthropy, but this methodology in business management must go beyond simple donations.

Corporate Social Responsibility encompasses four areas: business ethics, working conditions, environmental care and community links, described the Director of Philanthropy of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi), Lourdes Sanz Moguel.

All actions related to Corporate Social Responsibility are a social investment because they seek the economic return, image, projection, greater acceptance among customers and suppliers, motivation of employees or tax deduction, among other benefits.

“On the contrary with philanthropy, self-satisfaction is sought. This comes when the person or entrepreneur is empathetic with the other, “said the general manager of Aporta, a digital platform to make donations, Aldo Alvarez.

Experts agree that entrepreneurs can only do pure philanthropy when donations are made without carrying the company logo, without obtaining a tax benefit or make it public. Generally these practices are made by foundations, civil society organizations or people independently.
Zuckerberg will provide resources through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Foundation, which he founded with his wife Priscilla Chan.

“Philanthropy means love for humanity and business does not make love to humanity, but because it responds to a social need in order to generate wealth for all those involved,” said Sanz Moguel.

If your donations can not be separated from your company, make them as sincere as possible:

1. Listen to your stakeholders, detect a need in your environment: community, environment or employees. And identify what social issues you can solve and how.

2. Link this problem with some line of your business and values.



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