Nutrition For Singing

‘I heard that honey is great right before singing.’  ‘Is it true that I should stay away from all dairy when I’m singing?’  These are the kinds of questions I get about a vocal diet.  The answer may surprise you, but they’re both right, AND they could also both be wrong FOR YOU.  For most people, it is a safer assumption to recommend no dairy or sugar as these foods produce phlegm and can cause cracking during a note (especially a high note).  But some individuals naturally have a very dry palate and find that honey helps coat their throat.  However, if this is not the case for you, the outcome could be harsh; There’s nothing more embarrassing than cracking!  I think every singer would agree to that.  So the conclusive answer is that each singer should conduct their own trial and error to see what works best for their voice on a consistent basis.  I’ve heard it said that vocal diets are more like voodoo than a science, and I laughingly agree.  The only thing that everyone agrees on is that water is important for hydration.  A dry throat can cause your voice to be and sound scratchy, which can actually cause your voice damage.  So if you ignore everything else I just said, just remember to drink plenty of water, especially right before and during your vocalizations!

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